10 June 2020

1 year already!

5 M€ turnover in 2019, historic capital raising, successful launch of the ANGELS nanosatellite last December and a workforce that will soon quadruple. Continuing the success of this first year, development work on the constellation is in full swing, from everyone’s home. The system design of the new constellation was validated in May, despite the Covid, thanks to the digital tools in place at Kinéis. This was a big success for the team and the project: good foundations laid for the future!

The health crisis has not affected the operational service provided by our 8 payloads in flight, our customers remain satisfied and the members of our Space Priority Program are continuing their tests. In the end, nothing has really changed for Kinéis in the last few months, apart from the person sitting next desk and the taste of coffee.

Well, in fact, the crisis urged us more quickly than expected to organize webinars about the integration of Kinéis connectivity. 2 engaged customers have accepted to share their experience about the successful implementation of Kinéis in their products, for pleasure boats safe tracking, the study of penguins at the South Pole, or pollution tracking with the detection of “plastic seas” to better understand and trace their formation. If you missed them find the replay here xxx – and in any case you can attend the next one with Objenious by Bouygues Telecom on July 2nd about hybrid connectivity!

The objective of doubling the turnover compared to 2019 is still on the agenda. The team itself is growing with as much enthusiasm as the project: from the 12 teammates present at the creation, 40 of us blew out the first Kinéis candle on June 18th! Every team inside the company has been strengthened, and since June 2nd we are happy to welcome Astrid Cousteau, who joined Kinéis as director of business and development, after more than 20 years with Groupe Cahors. A strong experience which we hope will lead to a great expansion for Kinéis. By the way, several other positions have just been published, there might be one just for you: check it out

Spatially yours,
The Kinéis team