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Already a 7th satellite for the ARGOS constellation

While waiting for the new Kineis constellation to be operational in 2022, Kineis will operate the existing ARGOS system from 2019.

As part of the gradual evolution of the ARGOS constellation, Kinéis is proud to announce the launch of a 7th ARGOS satellite on the night of 6 November 2018. The ARGOS payload is carried on board the Metop-C satellite.

Since the 1980s, the ARGOS system has made it possible to better understand biodiversity (more than 100,000 animals monitored), to ensure the sustainable management of marine resources, to ensure safety at sea via an anti-piracy alert system and to track participants in major water races.

Kinéis offers privileged access to this constellation for all those who would like to test connected programs, and who will use all of Kinéis’ assets from 2022 onwards: Global coverage, simple integration, long autonomy, bidirectionality and a very attractive cost. Many advantages for a constellation developed to measure for connected objects.


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