Whether for work or leisure, many people find themselves alone in isolated places.

Terrestrial networks do not cover the entire land surface and it is easy to find oneself without any means of communication. Whether it’s sharing your leisure time with your loved ones when you’re an adventurer, or being located when you’re working in a remote area, it’s always good for someone to know where you are and if you’re OK. Spatial connectivity now fits in your pocket and goes with you everywhere.

53 million

isolated workers worldwide


trips dedicated to extreme sports

253 million

sports-related connected objects

Isolated workers

Many professional activities are by they very nature carried out in remote locations, for example on dams in the mountains, along long-distance transport infrastructure, in solar panel farms in the middle of the desert or on transnational energy networks. During their missions, the professionals are alone and often outside the coverage areas of terrestrial networks. Kinéis technology allows them to stay in touch with their teams, who can track their movements, and transmit alerts if necessary.

Kinéis Adventures

Nature lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts seek to be far away from urban centres and often outside of GSM network coverage. With Kinéis Adventures they can nevertheless stay safe thanks to the COSPAS-SARSAT system, share their adventures with their family and friends at home and inform other adventurers of events along the way.