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Created by CLS, Kinéis inherited the ARGOS system which has been serving biologists, oceanographers, climatologists and volcanologists for over 40 years.

For decades, the international scientific community has been using ARGOS transmitters to observe and study the Earth, the environment and biodiversity.

more than 100,000

animals tracked by ARGOS transmitters since the 1980s

1 500

active volcanoes


ocean platforms monitor ocean parameters

Faucon pelerin cCLS

Bird tracking

Around 4,500 birds are monitored every month with CLS’s ARGOS satellite services. Thanks to the miniaturisation of the transmitters, which are increasingly light (some weigh only 2g), and the sensitivity of the receivers on board satellites, which can record very low power emissions (100 mW), new species whose migratory behaviour was hitherto unknown can now be tracked.

Monitoring of land mammals

Approximately 2,000 land mammals are being monitored with CLS’s ARGOS satellite services every month. The world of science and biology uses ARGOS to better understand the distribution of animals in a region in order to better protect them. Robust equipment that can withstand the most extreme environmental conditions is adapted to each species.

Caribou cCLS