18 December 2019

Contact established with ANGELS

The ANGELS nanosatellite, the precursor of the future Kinéis constellation, reached its nominal orbit without a hitch this morning!

With ANGELS, the entire French nanosatellite industry has just taken off. The French Space Agency CNES has innovated not only in technology, but also in project management with Héméria, Thales Alenia Space and Syrlinks. ANGELS was entirely designed, developed, manufactured, qualified and launched in only two and a half years: a record in the space industry! This success is excellent news for Kinéis, who has chosen the same industrial team for its constellation of 25 nanosatellites preparing for launch in 2022.

ANGELS has just joined the 7 other satellites of the Argos system operated by Kinéis, improving service for the 20,000 active users today.