03 February 2022

Kinéis earns Deutsche Telekom's certification for its satellite IoT connectivity

Kineis’ satellite-based IoT connectivity is now certified by Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications and information technology providers. With this recognition, Kinéis becomes part of Deutsche Telekom’s IoT strategy to enable customers to optimize their business value through high-quality and easy-to-use satellite connectivity.

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Satellite IoT connectivity extends the reach of terrestrial network coverage and allows continuous connectivity everywhere on the planet. This global IoT, combined with Deutsche Telekom services requirements, opens a state-of-the-art proposition for users in industries such as transport and logistics, utilities or smart metering in remote areas, worldwide.

Alexandre Tisserant, Kinéis CEO says “We are very proud to partner with Deutsche Telekom who shares our ambition to reach the highest quality and reliability for its clients. It is very exciting to see such an established telecom operator adopting satellite connectivity. It demonstrates our technology accessibility, as well as our experience and user-friendliness.”

“We are excited to complete the qualification of the Kinéis KIM 1 module for our customers,” said Miguel Rodriguez – Sr. Manager IoT Integration & Validation, at Deutsche Telekom. “As we work with partners to develop cutting-edge, satellite IoT propositions, Kinéis stands out as being a very reliable technology, enabling fast integration, great accuracy and regular communication.”

Kinéis being the first satellite operator receiving Deutsche Telekom certification shows that satellite IoT is moving forward. The alliance between satellite and telecom operators is what users need: a seamless global connection enabled by different technologies, and managed via a single IoT service provider platform.


KinéisCreated in 2018, Kinéis is a satellite operator and global connectivity provider. It inherited 40 years of expertise in the Argos system, founded by CNES (French space agency) and historically operated by CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites). Its mission is to develop reliable technology that provides easy access to useful satellite data. To make life easier for professionals and individuals and encourage them to use its products and services, Kinéis locates and connects objects wherever they are on the planet. Thanks to its technological innovation capabilities, Kinéis forges links between New Space and IoT and connects hundreds of customers with satellite IoT.

Press liason: Juliette REITZER – jreitzer@kineis.com – +337 85 81 41 12