26 August 2021

Join Kinéis at SIDO,on the stand W113 and don’t miss the conférences September 22-23,2021.




Workshop September 22,2021
04:00 pm – 04:45 pm

Alexandre Tisserant-CEO – Kinéis,speaks on:Made in France telematics solutions with NEW SPACE connectivity:a dream come true!

The buzz about the NewSpace made in France is only beginning. Launched in 2018, Kineis is based on forty years of expertise on the Argos System from the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spactial[National Center for Spatial Studies]) and the CLS Group (Collecte Localisation Satellites[Satellite Location Collection]). Located in Toulouse, the company defines itself as a global satellite connection operator dedicated to IoT.
Kineis operates satellites allowing connection between objects, through communication between their individual terminals. EXOTIC SYSTEMS has been a partner of the new Space/Kineis program since 2020. The first operational prototype, based on existing technology blocks, was launched to market in 2 months. Thanks to the close relationship with EMI from the YESITIS Group, a 100% Made in France manufacturing is now possible.
The Kinetic-K1 solution allows construction industry actors to connect vehicles lacking telematics equipment, operating in areas without land networks.
We offer you to discover the telematics use-case with satellite connectivity and the benefits it offers.

Conference September 23,2021

Alexandre Tisserant-CEO – Kinéis, speaks on:When space invites itself into agriculture

How can we further improve agricultural productivity without degrading the environment even more? There are invaluable solutions for examining the soil and predicting, regulating and producing in a more profitable and sustainable manner, due to unusual partnerships between space and the food sector.
Learn more about “space as a service” (advanced satellite imagery and spatial data) to achieve a resilient and futuristic agricultural economy.