01 March 2021

Kinéis is part of the French Tech Next40, the national programme for young French companies with the potential to become world champions.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance and Cédric O, Secretary of State for the Digital Economy, announce that Kinéis is joining the national programme that supports the development of innovative startups with a bright future. After having raised 100 million euros just one year ago to finance its constellation of 25 nano-satellites dedicated to the Internet of Things, Kinéis has once again won the confidence and support of leading partners.

French Tech is a unique ecosystem that brings together startups, investors and decision-makers to create world champions. Supported in particular by Bpifrance, the Next40 programme provides a wide range of support, such as international accompaniment, contribution to the construction of new regulations and of course the sharing of experiences with other French nuggets.

Without waiting for the 25 nano-satellites that will be launched in 2023, Kinéis already operates 8 instruments in orbit that currently connect nearly 20,000 terminals all over the planet. With a 40% increase in turnover compared to 2019, and around 50 employees, the company founded by CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites) in 2018 is already in the green. The selection as a member of the French Tech Next40 is a major national recognition and a new proof of confidence for its shareholders and the daily users of its IoT space connectivity.

Alexandre Tisserant, Kinéis CEO: “I would like to thank Bruno Le Maire and Cédric O as well as the members of the Next40 jury for their confidence and their future support! We have been working for months on the Kinéis constellation with our technical partners: CNES, Thalès Alenia Space, HEMERIA, Syrlinks, Comat… to place an unprecedented constellation in orbit. This will truly be a European first on a large scale. We are very proud to make French and European Newspace a reality for the benefit of all. I also salute our shareholders, CLS our parent company, CNES, Bpifrance, Ifremer, Thalès, HEMERIA, CELAD, BNP Paribas Développement, ETHICS Group, MJKD, Consuls Développement, Invest Marel, and the others, without whom this great adventure would not be possible. »

Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Technology, announces the 2021 ranking of the French Tech Next40:
“Kinéis, a space technology company, which makes its debut this year. Extremely important, this NewSpace issue”.