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Alexandre Tisserant Kineis President


Meeting with Alexandre Tisserant, Kineis Project Leader

What is your mission at Kineis?


At first, make sure that this beautiful project starts successfully! In the coming months it is therefore a question of convincing partners and investors that the Kineis project is both technologically controlled and economically profitable. Our team is already made up of experienced and passionate people. One of my missions will be to continue to attract high level profiles to continue this great adventure.

What are your commitments?


Realize our promise to make this technology accessible to the greatest number, which will have to be very easy to use and at an attractive price.

What new or different things will Kineis be offering its customers?


Kineis provides a unique global connectivity solution that is simple to use and open to all. Kineis will ensure that IoT data are meaningful, useful and fully reliable.

How will it change things?


Through Kineis, we’re hoping to connect people to their planet and transcend borders of all kinds, whether geographical, technological, cultural or ideological. Through Kineis, devices are going to enter a whole new world.

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