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With Kineis, any object will benefit from IoT connectivity. Outdoor sports, agriculture, artisanal fishing, logistics, security but also science are all sectors of activity that can rely on Kineis services. With its offer of universal connectivity, Kinéis will liberate the uses. IoT now has access to a new territory.

Artisanal fishing

Marine resources have been harmed by human activities. Overfishing, pollution and global warming are all threatening this strategic economic resource.

Traditional, small-scale fishermen are now working in increasingly difficult conditions. The decline in the number of fish near the coastline forces them to fish further and further out to sea, which means being unable to contact people back home for longer periods of time.

Kineis connectivity

Kineis will connect traditional fishing boats throughout their fishing campaigns and enable small-scale fisheries to:

  • sustainably manage fish stocks (by monitoring fishing zones, tracking fleets, etc.);
  • optimise the sale of the catch (being informed where to land to sell the fish at the best price);
  • keep in touch with those on land (to reassure families, shipowners, etc.);
  • make a high-risk activity safer (by enabling fishermen to transmit distress calls and receive weather warnings, etc.).
Fishermen pulling the net.

Key figures

  • 2M

    Artisanal fishing

    2 million traditional fishing vessels worldwide

  • 80%

    Fishing boats

    +80% of the world fishing fleet is made up of small-scale vessels

  • 120M

    Dependent people

    120 million people worldwide depend on traditional fishing


Worldwide, most goods are transported in containers. This shipping is constantly increasing, but it is hard to know exactly where your goods are at any time during transport.

Kineis connectivity

Kineis will connect containers so they can be tracked from dispatch to arrival. It will enable freight shipping companies:

  • know exactly where containers (fitted with a tracker) are at all times;
  • optimise fleet management and container rotation;
  • guarantee delivery times;
  • ensure the security and quality of transport.
Logistique containers Kineis

Key figures

  • 500M

    Containers per year

    Over 500 million containers are handled in ports every year.

  • 20B

    Tons of merchandise

    Over 20 billion tonnes of merchandise will be transported by maritime shipping by 2020.


Camel, reindeer, sheep and cattle farms are important resources for many people. Nomadic African tribesmen, the Yakut peoples, and Western livestock farmers alike all depend on their herds. These herds must be monitored for food security, preserving the farmers’ economic resources, and disease risk management.

Kineis connectivity

Kineis will enable livestock farmers, health authorities and local governments:

  • track animal migrations, transhumance and animal transport;
  • optimise infrastructure sites essential for livestock farming (water tanks, slaughterhouses, etc.);
  • ensure traceability of products intended for food;
  • contain emerging epidemics;
  • fight poaching.
Two Rajasthani Indian men in a discussion at Pushkar Camel Fair

Key figures

  • 28M

    Camels in Africa

    28 million camels are currently bred and used, mainly in Africa

  • 2M

    Reindeer in Asia

    2 million reindeers are found in Asia

  • 3B

    Sheep & cattle

    3 billion sheep and cattle are raised worldwide

  • 25%

    Protein intake

    25% of human protein intake comes from livestock farming

  • 40%

    Farming production

    40% of global farming production today consists of livestock farming

  • 1.3B

    Food security

    The food security of 1.3 billion people is ensured by livestock

Outdoor sports

Trekkers, hikers and extreme sportsmen and women all have one thing in common: they live out their passion in isolated or even hostile territories. These areas are often outside the coverage zones of existing connectivity solutions. Yet these activities are considered risky because participants may get lost, or be involved in landslides or accidents. Fortunately, most of these adventures work out well, and then people want to share their experience in real time. With safety issues and people’s desire to share their sporting experiences, there is an increasing need to remain connected and trackable, whatever we’re doing.

Kineis connectivity

Kineis, combined with the COSPAS SARSAT search-and-rescue system*, will allow outdoor sports enthusiasts to:

  • send calls for assistance;
  • share their position with friends and family;
  • publish their trip on social networks;
  • remain in contact with their base camp.


*Beacon currently in the certification process.

sports outdoors Iot connection

Key figures

  • 3.4%

    Sporting goods

    +3.4% growth in Europe’s outdoor sporting goods market last year

  • 23M

    Outdoor sports

    23 million outdoor sports enthusiasts are very interested in a location and emergency transmitter

  • 253M

    Connected objects

    253 million sports-related connected objects are expected to be sold by 2021


Despite our idyllic images of a white sailboat on a turquoise sea, when the engine fails or the weather suddenly turns bad, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Even when everything is going well, amateur sailors are often too far away from traditional networks to be able to share their sea trip online.

As with any recreational activity, whether on the open sea or out in the wild, far off the beaten track, there is an increasing need to be able to be located, to share with the community and, above all, to transmit a distress call.

Kineis connectivity

Kineis connectivity, combined with the COSPAS SARSAT search-and-rescue service, will enable both professional and amateur ship captains to:

  • send calls for assistance;
  • share their position with friends and family;
  • publish their trip on social networks;
  • stay in contact with those on land;
  • receive weather warnings;
  • know which boats are nearby.
Plaisancier kineis

Key figures

  • +1M

    Pleasure boats

    Over 1 million pleasure boats are registered in France.

  • 74.6%

    Motor vessels

    74.6% of these boats are motorised

  • 75.2%

    Vessels < 6meters

    75.2% of French vessels are less than 6 metres long

  • €4.2B

    Sales revenue

    €4.2 billion in sales revenue is generated by the marine leisure industry in France


There are countless scientific programmes in fields such as oceanography, climatology, meteorology, biology, hydrology and even volcanology that observe and monitor our planet, its environment and its biodiversity. Scientists have been studying Earth for hundreds of years; the next step is to connect up the multitude of sensors to better understand and protect our planet! The ARGOS system has been supporting this mission since the 1980s. Today, Today Kineis builds on this experience and takes it to the next step by offering vastly increased connectivity.

Kineis connectivity

Kineis’s connectivity will enable the international scientific community to:

  • connect all kinds of sensors;
  • monitor any platform fitted with a modem—whether a float, a drifting or anchored buoy, a sounding balloon, a seismic platform, an animal tracking transmitter, or other;
  • access information in their offices collected by these platforms in real time;
  • interact with transmitters.
Tortue avec balise kineis argos

Key figures

  • +100K

    Animal tracked

    Over 100,000 animals have been tracked by ARGOS since the 1980s

  • 40%

    Biodiversity gone

    40% of biodiversity has disappeared in the last 50 years, according to a WWF report

  • 360M

    km² of seas & oceans

    360 million km² of the Earth are covered by seas and oceans

  • +3.3mm

    Sea level

    3.3 mm/year is the speed at which the sea level has been rising since the 1990s

  • +1,500

    Active volcanoes

    Over 1,500 volcanoes are active worldwide