Our team

Alexandre Tisserant


Astrid Cousteau

Chief Commercial & Business Development Officer

Pierric De Bienassis

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Delphine Faury

Chief Human resources Officer

Rémi Ferrier

Chief Product Officer

Michel Sarthou

Chief Technical Officer

Ouan’Zan’ Zanifé

Chief Operations Officer

Ouassila Benama

Sales Engineer

Sacha Kaminski

Sales Engineer

Patrice Tajan

Sales Engineer

Guillaume Triquet

Sales Engineer

Clément Tricot

Field Application Manager

César Gracia Berges

Research Development Innovation Project Manager

Assia Bahri

Spectrum Manager

Guillaume Fumat

Ground Stations Manager

Damien Servant

System Manager

Nicolas Cassar

IoT Products Development Engineer

Laurent Dudouit

Embedded software Engineer

Isabelle Hernandez

Validation Integration Qualification System Manager

Aline Chavoillon

Satellites & Ground segment Operations Manager


Software Architect

Anthony Combe

Orbitography & Location Manager

Olivier Mourez

Full Stack Development Engineer

Michel Turiot

Ground Processing Manager

William Begoc

Embedded software Engineer

Hervé Callewaert

Satellite terminal Engineer

Vincent Gamonal

Validation & integration Engineer

Claire Mignonat

Product Manager

Mathieu Albinet

Payload Manager

David Buisson

Electrical & Avionics Architect

Thibéry Cussac

Satellite Manager

Jules David

Flight Dynamics Engineer

David Dupuy

Payload Test & validation Manager

Joël Feraud

Launchers Interfaces & Satellite AIT Manager

Stéphan Lauriol

Space Systems Engineer

Benjamin Pouilloux

Mechanical & Thermal Architect

Silvia Salas Solano

Monitoring-Control Manager

Sébastien Vincent

AIS Performance Manager

Vincent Voisin

Satellite operations Engineer

Juliette Reitzer

Communication Manager

Marie-Laure Vannier

Administrative Manager

Nogaye Loubradou

Purchasing and Logistics Manager

Quentin Legland

Quality and Project Office Management Engineer

Michaël Legagneur

Ground Stations software Architect

Julien Nauche

Infrastructure & Security Architect

Jean-Baptiste Bidondo

Ground Stations Engineer