07 September 2021

Some ongoing projects

From Europe to Canada, the thousands of objects connected by Kinéis continue to multiply and the applications to diversify. Kinéis is participating in two projects funded by the European Eurostars program. The Spanish company Innovatec provides sensors dedicated to forest fire prevention, based on terrestrial or high energy consuming networks. This implies either building infrastructures as telecommunication relays or routing energy. These constraints greatly limit the forest areas that can be equipped, and therefore the prevention and management of risks. The Kinéis satellite connectivity solves the coverage difficulty and the low power consumption device allows them to be autonomous in energy with simple small solar panels and supercapacitors, in an “installed-forgotten” logic. In the same way, the very accessible cost allows a massive deployment on large surfaces.

The second project consists in developing a complete decision support solution for extensive breeding based on an intelligent ear tag. This miniature device, developed by the Canadian company Laipac, collects data from numerous on-board sensors and translates them into biological and behavioral indicators about the animals. The information is transmitted to the platform developed by Digitanimal, a Spanish company, which processes it using the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Breeders can then find indicators on fertility periods, health status and food quality, as well as the location of their cattle. More than 3,500 farmers in over 50 countries are already using this technology based on traditional terrestrial IoT networks, but the main difficulty to its expansion are areas without covergae, frequent handling of livestock to charge batteries and the device’s price. The project consists of integrating Kinéis connectivity into this complete solution and then marketing it on a large scale.

Construction companies carries out large-scale construction projects all over the world, particularly in regions far from dense urban areas. On a construction site that can cover more than 10,000 hectares, managing the fleet of specialized machines, their use and their refueling is a real challenge. Exotic Systems develops an “on-board” solution for these machines, which collects and transmits daily fuel consumption, operating time, GPS position, etc. Integrated into the companies’ platform, this new data aims to optimize operations throughout the duration of the work. Already tested in France, the device could soon be connected from Canada.