The team

Kineis are men and women passionate about space technologies, serving, for more than 30 years, the international community.

A key DNA

All “space observers” used the ARGOS location and data collection system. All used ARGOS tags. All of them were in direct contact with the men and women who work for Kineis today.

These space observers are:

  • biologists, followers of giant jellyfish, lynx or bearded vultures;
  • oceanographers, climatologists;
  • but also offshore racing directors.

A strategic core team with a shared dream

Kineis is a team of men and women with a passion for space technologies who were the pioneering founders of the ARGOS location and data collection system. These men and women shared the same dream: to make a system available for everyone that would enable us to understand animal migrations, to unravel the mysteries of the most isolated maritime zones, and for the general public to share in the epic saga of the best sailors in the world as they race around the globe.

They have now created the next revolution: Kineis’s network connectivity, a high-performance system that is both affordable and easy to use. Starting in 2021, this new, universal connectivity will make IoT connectivity available for everyone.

Team kineis climb mountain