The team

Kineis are men and women passionate about space technologies, serving, for more than 30 years, the international community.

A key DNA

All “space observers” used the ARGOS location and data collection system. All used ARGOS tags. All of them were in direct contact with the men and women who work for Kineis today.

These space observers are:

  • biologists, followers of giant jellyfish, lynx or bearded vultures;
  • oceanographers, climatologists;
  • but also offshore racing directors.

A strategic core team with a shared dream

Kineis is a team of men and women with a passion for space technologies who were the pioneering founders of the ARGOS location and data collection system. These men and women shared the same dream: to make a system available for everyone that would enable us to understand animal migrations, to unravel the mysteries of the most isolated maritime zones, and for the general public to share in the epic saga of the best sailors in the world as they race around the globe.

They have now created the next revolution: Kineis’s network connectivity, a high-performance system that is both affordable and easy to use. Starting in 2021, this new, universal connectivity will make IoT connectivity available for everyone.

Team kineis climb mountain

An experienced, winning team

Christophe Vassal CLS CEO
Kineis CEO

Christophe VASSAL

What is your mission at Kineis?

As Chairman of the Board of CLS - the worldwide operator of the ARGOS system - my objective is to roll out Kineis so that this new network connectivity can be of real use worldwide, just as ARGOS - despite its smaller scale - has served the international community.

Why did you create Kineis?

We created Kineis to operate a constellation of 20 latest-generation nanosatellites dedicated to connected objects. Kineis will thus provide global connectivity to the IoT industry.

What new or different things will Kineis be offering its customers?

Kineis will bring unparalleled connectivity; it will bring IoT to everyone, wherever they are in the world. Kineis will open doors, borders and create new kinds of applications.

How will it change things?

Kineis will make safety outdoors a real possibility for everyone, whether they’re hiking in the mountains or out at sea. The logistics economy will be boosted through the tracking of containers, and the whole object-oriented economy is going to be transformed. Our customers will be able to use Kineis’s connectivity to offer augmented devices.


Born in Toulouse


Joined CLS as an engineer in charge of ARGOS applications


16 years later, having made his way up through the company, he became the Managing Director of CLS. He diversified the company and steered its growth from 200 to 750 employees and doubled turnover from €30 million to €130 million


He decided to offer space applications to a much broader population. He thus created Kineis and the first nanosatellite constellation dedicated to IoT

Alexandre Tisserant Kineis President
Kineis Project Leader within CLS

Alexandre Tisserant

What is your mission at Kineis?

At first, make sure that this beautiful project starts successfully! In the coming months it is therefore a question of convincing partners and investors that the Kineis project is both technologically controlled and economically profitable. Our team is already made up of experienced and passionate people. One of my missions will be to continue to attract high level profiles to continue this great adventure.

What are your commitments?

Realize our promise to make this technology accessible to the greatest number, which will have to be very easy to use and at an attractive price.

What new or different things will Kineis be offering its customers?

Kineis provides a unique global connectivity solution that is simple to use and open to all. Kineis will ensure that IoT data are meaningful, useful and fully reliable.

How will it change things?

Through Kineis, we’re hoping to connect people to their planet and transcend borders of all kinds, whether geographical, technological, cultural or ideological. Through Kineis, devices are going to enter a whole new world.


Born in Paris


Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom ParisTech


After 3 years in a start-up in San Francisco, he joined the Budget Department of the French Ministry of Finance. He moved on to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Technology, where he worked on the Digital Transition Plan


He was recruited by CLS to take over the Strategic Projects Department and was entrusted with managing the most ambitious project in the company's history: Kineis