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Global connectivity at your fingertips.

Kineis connectivity draws on a new innovative satellite constellation of 25 nanosatellites with a new communication technology. The constellation will be in orbit by 2022.


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Kineis offers tomorrow’s IoT connectivity

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Kineis is an independent, private satellite operator, a connectivity provider and subsidiary of CLS. An emerging player in the New Space sector, the company proposes innovative global connectivity for the IoT domain. Kineis locates and collects data all over the globe in all conditions.

The company aims to work closely with terrestrial IoT operators, current satellite operators and connected object manufacturers. It offers universal, simple, low-power, reliable connectivity at a cost accessible to as many people as possible. It is based on an innovative new satellite constellation of 25 nanosatellites custom developed for IoT. The constellation will be orbited around 2022.

It draws on the ARGOS system legacy of 40 years of experience in location and data collection.

Download the Kineis brochure

Kineis, IoT everywhere

With Kineis, any object will benefit from IoT connectivity. Outdoor sports, agriculture, artisanal fishing, logistics, security but also science are all sectors of activity that can rely on Kinéis services. With its offer of universal connectivity, Kinéis will liberate the uses. IoT now has access to a new territory.

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Kineis constellation
25 nanosatellites
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40 years’ experience in geo-location and data collection
Kineis IOT
1 universal IoT connectivity solution

ARGOS, a key DNA compared to the competition

CLS and CNES, with the ARGOS system, were forerunners of IoT in the 1980s. CLS was locating satellite-connected objects before the advent of GPS and Galileo.
With 40 years of experience in localization and data collection, Kineis is positioned as a major player in space, Kineis offers the only global connectivity for the connected objects industry (IoT).

The ARGOS system

Kineis, the spatial IoT community

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