Crescent Earth View From Space To Europe

Kineis, the spatial IoT community

Kineis, a new major player in French NewSpace, launches the first European constellation of nanosatellites and democratizes access to global connectivity (IoT).


Logo CLS flat

CLS, a subsidiary of CNES, ARDIAN (an independent private investment company that manages and/or advises on $60 billion in assets) and IFREMER, is an international company that has been pioneering the provision of Earth observation and monitoring solutions since 1986. Its vision is to conceive and deploy satellite-based solutions to understand and protect our planet, and manage its resources in a sustainable way. CLS employs 700 people at its headquarters in Toulouse and 26 other sites around the world. The company operates in six strategic business sectors: sustainable fisheries management, environmental monitoring, maritime safety and security, fleet management, energy and mining, and space and ground systems. In particular, CLS provides satellite services based on the location and collection of environmental data (100,000 beacons and terminals processed each month, drifting buoys, animals, fishing and commercial fleets, etc.), observation of the oceans and inland waters (more than 20 instruments on board satellites provide daily information to CLS on the world’s seas and oceans), and monitoring of land and maritime activities (CLS processes nearly 10,000 radar images every year). The CLS Group achieved a turnover of more than €122 million in 2017, and plans to increase it to nearly €135 million in 2018. The Group has been growing strongly in recent years and has set itself ambitious objectives by breaking into new markets.


Universal, simple, low consumption, reliable, at a cost accessible to the greatest number, this brand new connectivity has been custom designed for connected objects. Kineis, the first operator of IoT space, relies on its own constellation of nanosatellites. Any object connected with Kineis will be localized and will be able to transmit data in any point, in all latitudes whatever the conditions.

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