Crescent Earth View From Space To Europe

Kineis, the spatial IoT community

Kineis, a new major player in French NewSpace, launches the first European constellation of nanosatellites and democratizes access to global connectivity (IoT).


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The French Space Agency, CNES, is a public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature, responsible for proposing to the French Government then implementing a national space policy within Europe. As such, its task is to invent tomorrow’s space systems, bring space technologies to maturity and guarantee France’s independent access to space. CNES is a pivotal player in Europe’s space programme and makes proposals on how France and Europe can remain leaders in the competitive world market. CNES also represents France as a member of the European Space Agency (ESA). It works closely with scientific and industrial partners with which it develops the space programmes it designs. It participates in numerous international cooperative projects, an indispensable requirement for any large-scale space policy.

Jean-Yves Le Gall, President of CNES:

“With Kineis, the French NewSpace is becoming a reality based on 50 years of space success that allows us to develop a competitive offer with high added value. Kineis has the unconditional support of CNES to develop what will quickly become a reference. A new opportunity for CNES to promote the development of the French space industry and its excellence. “


Universal, simple, low consumption, reliable, at a cost accessible to the greatest number, this brand new connectivity has been custom designed for connected objects. Kineis, the first operator of IoT space, relies on its own constellation of nanosatellites. Any object connected with Kineis will be localized and will be able to transmit data in any point, in all latitudes whatever the conditions.

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