24 November 2022

Premier White Paper Kinéis !

Nous vous proposons une nouvelle approche de la détection des feux de forêt utilisant la technologie et la connectivité Kinéis.

À mesure que les incendies de forêt deviennent plus intenses et plus fréquents, les nouvelles technologies peuvent apporter une contribution significative à l’amélioration de la détection précoce.
Au cours des trois derniers mois, nous avons eu la chance d’échanger et de débattre avec des leaders d’opinion clés sur ce sujet, des universitaires aux pompiers et aux fournisseurs de solutions.

Pour en savoir plus vous pouvez télécharger le livre blanc en anglais.

Accéder au Livre Blanc 

2022 has been a challenging year so far. In addition to
the consequences of the covid pandemic and
the return of war on the European soil, the summer has been
particularly devastating for our forests and their ecosystems.

Record temperatures and droughts have caused large-scale
wildfires to sweep across the Northern Hemisphere. Those events
will occur more and more frequently and with more severity.
Moreover, areas to be covered are constantly expanding.

It is urgent to raise a collective awareness of the real impacts
of these forest fires. Direct consequences seem to be limited to
the areas directly devastated by the fires. However, the problem
is much more global: it contributes and participates in a major
way to global warming.

Time is of the essence when we talk about wildfires. This
white paper aims to present some key technologies that can
help to better protect our forests and highlights the vision
of stakeholders involved in this fight including firefighters,
universities, solutions providers. Part of the solution lies in new
ways of approaching and detecting those events.

Kinéis connectivity, following ARGOS Space System
environmental monitoring objectives, plays a direct role to better
improve detection and reduce impacts of wildfires.