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With 40 years of experience on the ARGOS system, Kinéis combines the best of New Space and IoT. To make space accessible to all, we are going to put into orbit the first European constellation of 25 nano-satellites dedicated to the IoT.

State-of-the-art technology

With Kinéis, it is the entire location and data collection chain which is managed. A reliable, innovative system developed by experts.

Kinéis, IoT Everywhere

The chipset

The Kinéis chipset is a radio frequency chip that connects any object to our satellites

It geolocates your object wherever it is on the planet and collects data from the sensors of your choice.

Miniaturised (7mm x 7mm), low consumption and easy to integrate, it also has the advantage of being complementary to many other systems.

The constellation

The 25 nanosatellites will be added to the 8 satellites of the ARGOS system that are already operational.

Developed with reliable and recognised manufacturers, pioneers of the French New Space, it combines miniaturisation and high performance.
Ideally distributed around the globe at an altitude of 650 km, these hi-tech devices are so small that one could hold them in one’s arms.

The ground segment

Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this is where the data from 20 antennas, which retrieve the messages transmitted by the satellites. are processed.

More than 50 people work there every day, managing data and stream security, the servers, the network, the processing algorithms, etc.

Your data

Your data

Whether your object is stationary or moving around the world, whether you’re at the office in front of your computer or in the field with a smartphone, you can access its position and your sensors’ data with a single click.

Our partners

Whether they add value to your data, build the transmitter you need or operate complementary networks,
Kinéis puts you in touch with its network of hand-picked partners.


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