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About us Kinéis

Founded in 2018, Kinéis is a new French space actor, satellite operator and global connectivity provider for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Its vision is helping customers to keep link with what matters to them, their guarantee transmission data objects connected, in any point of the globe thanks to constellation of 25 satellites.

Kinéis operates for an international market in fields where the stakes are high for people, their activities and their environment.

The Toulouse-based company uses a reliable technology thanks to the 40 years heritage of expertise in the data collection since space, adapted for the IoT.

In addition to its main shareholders (CLS and CNES), Kinéis raised 100 million euros in 2020 and disposes of label French Tech Next40, promotions 2021, 2022, and French Tech 120, promotion 2023, focused on environmental and societal issues.

Kinéis satellite IoT connectivity inherits from the ARGOS system, which started in 1978 as a French American cooperation involving CNES (French Space Agency) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), with support from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

  • In 1986, CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites) is created by CNES as a subsidiary to exclusively operate, maintain and commercialize the ARGOS system.
  • In 2006, Eumetsat (European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) joins the Operations Committee, later followed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).
  • In 2018, Kinéis is created by CLS and CNES to take over the operation of the ARGOS system.

Our establishment

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Our vision

Kinéis believes that providing easy and global access to useful satellite data will simplify and expand the uses of professionals and individuals. Kinéis is developing cutting-edge technology that she hopes to make available to everyone.

Men and women

Kinéis are men and women who are passionate about spatial technologies and want to help the international community.

Kinéis team about us

Alexandre Tisserant


After spending two years at CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites), Alexandre TISSERANT became the CEO of Kinéis, a new satellite connectivity provider dedicated to connected objects. A graduate of École Polytechnique and Télécom ParisTech, he was Deputy Director of the Secretary of State's cabinet for digital and innovation from 2015 to 2017, where he oversaw the project that became law for a digital republic. He has also held several positions at the Ministry of Finances, including managing the media and digital budget in France, and has worked for two years as the director of operations at Always Innovating, a San Francisco-based startup that develops computer hardware.


Our board

Kinéis is based on an unprecedented, solid and coherent public-private capital structure. Space industrialists working on the constellation and financial partners have joined forces with CLS, which is at the origin of the project supported by two strategic players, CNES and Bpifrance, via the SPI fund.

Kinéis IOT Satellite

About us

Created in 2018, Kinéis is a satellite IoT operator.

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