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Explore new horizons with our space connectivity. Monitor your assets 24/7, wherever they are in the world.


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Monitoring animals, inspecting electricity pylons in remote or hard-to-reach areas, or carrying out frequent maintenance operations can involve significant costs in terms of logistics, manpower and time. In the absence of permanent monitoring, data may be insufficient or even non-existent, requiring on-site visits to verify the condition of assets and infrastructures, necessitating considerable human and financial resources.
Accessibility issues in some remote areas can lead to additional expenses and delays in gathering crucial information. Our IoT-dedicated spatial connectivity solution enables you to collect data in near-real time, wherever you are, without the need for frequent travel.



Predictive maintenance:
IoT monitoring enables efficient asset management in near real-time, tracking their location, use, and condition. This enables breakdowns to be predicted and prevented, reducing downtime and repair costs.



Environmental Monitoring:
IoT sensors monitor environmental conditions to detect changes and prevent risks. Whether monitoring air quality, water levels or weather conditions, our technology ensures constant vigilance.


IoT monitoring offers complete visibility over supply chains, enabling transport conditions to be monitored and logistics operations to be optimized. This translates into more efficient inventory management and reduced losses.


Our Solution

Kinéis provides you with secure, reliable and permanent connectivity thanks to its 25 nanosatellites and 20 ground stations, offering continuous global coverage. To make the right decisions, you need the right information, at the right time. That's why we simplify the supervision of your assets with spatial IoT, enabling remote monitoring, even in white zones, with no installation or network constraints to deploy.

It's now possible to monitor objects, infrastructures, sensitive sites, animals or temperatures, and receive up-to-date data in near-real time. Objects connected to your assets enable you to detect abnormally high humidity levels, unusual inclinations on an infrastructure, and many other imaginable applications.

We're here to help you look after what's precious to you, with seamless connectivity.



Operational efficiency:
Monitoring optimizes operations, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Reducing losses:
Information on the condition of goods enables rapid action to be taken on perishable goods, thus limiting losses.


Predictive maintenance:
By detecting anomalies early, IoT systems can predict and prevent breakdowns, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Use cases: endless possibilities

Locating freight wagons, monitoring herds, receiving rapid alerts in case of fire outbreaks...
Discover how Kinéis satellite IoT connectivity solves numerous challenges for your operations.

Our complementary solutions

Our global connectivity enables you to locate, monitor, and alert, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your operations. Explore new possibilities, whether on the high seas, in the mountains, or in the most remote regions of the world.




Cutting-edge technology

97 minutes. That's how long it takes our satellites to complete a full orbit, covering 40,000 km2 for the entire Kinéis constellation. This means you can receive instant alerts and act quickly in critical situations, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Created in 2018, Kinéis is a satellite IoT operator.

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