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Kinéis Technology: the future of IoT starts here

Only 15% of the planet is covered by terrestrial networks.

Yet many sectors such as energy, transport, the environment and agriculture need access to useful data, 24/7, anywhere in the world for informed decision-making.

Kinéis has transformed this problem into a universal, reliable and secure connectivity solution, thanks to its 100% French space technology dedicated to the IoT.


25 nanosatellites

Our constellation of 25 nanosatellites, each measuring just 1.40 x 1.60 meters, covers the entire planet for reliable, secure communication. This technological prowess enables us to significantly increase the performance of space IoT, reducing the revisit time for sending data to users to a maximum of 15 minutes.


Efficient global coverage

To ensure worldwide coverage, our 25 nanosatellites are positioned in low orbit 650 km from the Earth, spread over 5 orbital planes, with 5 satellites per plane. Each satellite is equipped with an IoT payload, enabling it to locate, monitor and alert objects anywhere on the globe. Some satellites also incorporate a second payload capable of accurately detecting AIS signals. AIS, or Automatic Identification System, enables ships and maritime traffic surveillance services to know the identity, status, position and trajectory of vessels, particularly in dense shipping or fishing areas.


Innovative, high-performance satellites

Moving at a speed of 7.8 km per second, our satellites are equipped with electric propulsion systems powered by solar panels, keeping them in orbit and avoiding collisions. This concentration of expertise and innovation enables us to ensure 80 satellite passes every day over every point on the globe, guaranteeing continuous data transmission.

Kinéis redefines global connectivity by offering professionals cutting-edge solutions to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Kinéis and the new generation of spatial IoT

With our innovative technology covering 100% of the earth's surface, your connected objects can transmit information day and night, wherever they are. Whether in the heart of the most arid deserts, off the oceans, across mountain ranges or in the densest forests, Kinéis ensures uninterrupted connectivity in every region of the globe.

How does our IoT technology work?

A simple, effective system:

  • Your IoT device, equipped with Kinéis connectivity, installed on a tree, an animal, a container, a railcar, an electricity pylon or even on board a boat, transmits information to our nearest nanosatellites, every 15 minutes maximum.
  • The data received by the nanosatellites is immediately retrieved by one of our 20 ground stations, strategically located around the world, also capable of sending commands to the satellites.
  • The data is then processed by our service center, which operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Finally, the data is transmitted to you, often in just a few minutes, depending on your location..

Kinéis Downlink Device Messaging and bidirectionality

This advanced solution enables you to manage your connected devices remotely, optimizing their operation while reducing costs and risks. Thanks to this functionality, you can adjust the operational settings of your devices, perform updates, change profiles according to needs and events, and even stop emissions from a device when its subscription is no longer valid. What's more, you can send commands to your devices to react to their environment via actuators, in response to specific events. For example, in the case of dam monitoring, in the event of drought, you can send a command to open the valve.

Our spatial IoT technology also means:


1 nanosatellite =
28kg and the volume of 16 milk cartons

A concentrate of cutting-edge technology, demonstrating that efficiency and power are not always dictated by size.


5 antennas
to pick up everything

Our nanosatellites can hear the equivalent of a bird’s song at a rock concert!


15 children's drawings
in Space

The drawings of the winners of the "Ton dessin dans l'espace" competition have boarded our satellites.

Track, Monitor & Be Alerted





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Our knowledge base is an essential resource tailored for engineers, developers, and tech enthusiasts. Elevate your projects with cutting-edge insights and best practices to retrieve data from the Kinéis constellation. Find detailed guides, resources, and solutions to integrate the Kinéis connectivity into your hardware.

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