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The young award-winning artists from the "Ton dessin dans l'espace" (Your drawing in space) competition are gearing up for an exceptional experience at Hemeria, the Toulouse-based manufacturer of Kinéis nanosatellites.

Space awareness: an unprecedented national drawing competition

In late 2022, Kinéis and the Cité de l'Espace launched a national drawing competition, encouraging young people aged 6 to 17 to explore the theme of "satellites for a better understanding and protection of the Earth." Nearly 200 drawings were submitted, and the jury selected 15 artworks.

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Celebration of the 2024 space event: drawings aboard Kinéis nanosatellites

On January 31, the award-winning artists will have the privilege of exploring the behind-the-scenes at Hemeria and discovering the manufacturing process of Kinéis nanosatellites. There, they will see their creations engraved on metal plates, ready to be carried aboard the Kinéis constellation, with its first launch scheduled for June 10 in New Zealand.

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Drawings engraved on metal plates- ©Bprod

Kinéis and the IoT revolution

In June, Kinéis will make history by conducting, in collaboration with Rocket Lab, the first of five planned launches for its constellation, the first European dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). Through this initiative, Kinéis is committed to making space accessible to all by developing crucial applications for major environmental challenges.

Environmental commitment: satellites for crucial causes

As an heir to Argos technology, Kinéis stands out for its commitment to environmental protection. The nanosatellites in the constellation will play a vital role in areas such as early detection of forest fires, water resource management, agriculture, and tracking of wild and livestock animals.

Knowledge transmission: "Your Drawing in Space" competition

Illustrating Kinéis' commitment to knowledge transmission, the competition offers younger generations the opportunity to participate in the French space and technological adventure.

The young winners, hailing from Occitania and all over France, will have the privilege of visiting Hemeria, the responsible partner for the industrialization of Kinéis nanosatellites. They will explore the facilities where their drawings, engraved on metal plates by the Toulouse-based company SERILEC, will take their place aboard nanosatellites, integrated into ballasts.

nanosatellites ton dessin hemeria

Hemeria is responsible for the platform and payload (instruments) of the nanosatellites. The Toulouse-based industrial company also produces the 25 satellites of the constellation for which a specific cleanroom has been set up.

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