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IoT and connected Agriculture

Discover the new possibilities of smart agriculture through IoT: transform your practices to improve your production while reducing your environmental impact.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), connected agriculture represents a true revolution for professionals in the sector. It enables them to manage their farms more efficiently, even in the most vast and isolated areas, in remote areas often lacking connectivity. For example, breeders can now locate their free-ranging animals with precision, protecting sensitive areas and fragile habitats.

A Necessary Evolution
Since its beginnings, agriculture has constantly evolved to meet humanity's needs. Today, the challenge is twofold: to feed a growing population while producing more efficiently with fewer resources. This includes reducing the use of pesticides and water, essential for ensuring public health and preserving limited resources.

Currently, 55% of the planet's biocapacity is used to feed humanity. Producing sustainable food is therefore of utmost importance. This necessitates adaptation in the agricultural and livestock sectors to address contemporary environmental and production challenges, all while meeting demands for yield and efficiency.

Connected Agriculture, An Innovative Solution
Connected agriculture, or smart farming, enables this transformation. Thanks to IoT, it is now possible to remotely track livestock, monitor soil quality, or measure grain silo levels. These advancements enable us to improve production and address the current challenges facing the agricultural sector.

Helping connected agriculture to build our future together.
With world population growth, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70% more food will need to be produced by 2050. For professionals, this means reconciling financial and environmental constraints. Connected agriculture represents an initial response to this challenge.

Our goal is to make this connectivity available to everyone, everywhere in the world, continuously.

Kinéis' spatial IoT for agriculture

Global satellite connectivity makes everything possible.


Tracking cattle across vast plains in remote areas.


Herd health control on the move.


Guaranteed water and soil quality for hectares of crops.


Anticipating weather conditions.

With Kinéis' spatial IoT, white zones disappear. Animals, infrastructure, and land can all be located and monitored 24/7.

Our technology enables receiving alerts in case of animal health issues, locating them wherever they are, remotely controlling instruments, monitoring soil conditions, or analyzing water quality without constraints of time or place.

Kinéis connectivity enhances the capabilities of Smart Farming tools, fundamentally transforming your farming practices



Improved yields.


Efficient use of land and resources.


Minimized carbon footprint.

With Kinéis' spatial IoT, transform your farming practices and prepare for the future of connected agriculture.

How does our IoT technology work?

A simple, effective system:

  • Your IoT device, equipped with Kinéis connectivity, installed on a tree, an animal, a container, a railcar, an electricity pylon or even on board a boat, transmits information to our nearest nanosatellites, every 15 minutes maximum.
  • The data received by the nanosatellites is immediately retrieved by one of our 20 ground stations, strategically located around the world, also capable of sending commands to the satellites.
  • The data is then processed by our service center, which operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Finally, the data is transmitted to you, often in just a few minutes, depending on your location..

Track, Monitor & Be Alerted




Kinéis IOT Satellite

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