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IoT for Transport and Logistics

Track and monitor your means of transport and goods in near real-time with Kinéis connectivity, your compass for precise and efficient logistics.

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Asset Management

With globalization and increased trade worldwide, logistical challenges are multiplying, making transport management increasingly complex for industry professionals.

Did you know that each year, 500 million containers are handled in ports, 20 billion tonnes of goods are shipped by sea, and 2 million refrigerated containers travel the globe?

Faced with these impressive numbers, the transport and logistics sector must address major challenges: ensuring precise tracking, guaranteeing operational transparency and delivery speed, while optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption.

Many IoT stakeholders have recognized these challenges and developed innovative solutions for near real-time tracking of transport vehicles (trucks, wagons, etc.) and transported contents (containers, ULDs, valuable goods, etc.). These solutions enable monitoring of goods quality and optimization of loads, among other functionalities.

Tracking transport and logistics to always stay one step ahead

Traceability is crucial in the field of logistics. Goods often travel long distances, passing through multiple hands, crossing various borders, and switching between different modes of transport, which increases the risk of errors.

For logistics professionals, it is essential to be able to track the progress of shipments and journeys in real time, ensuring adherence to delivery deadlines and the integrity of products at their final destination. This traceability must encompass both the means of transport and the goods themselves.

Unfortunately, in the sprawling logistics and transportation sector, losses, thefts, or logistical errors are common issues.

IoT can intervene at every stage of the supply chain, from loading to goods reception. Asset tracking enables precise product localization, possibly combined with sensors monitoring their environment (temperature, humidity, vibrations, etc.) or speed of movement. By integrating IoT solutions, companies can significantly optimize their operations.

This preventive approach is wise, but it needs to be executed ubiquitously, at all times. How?

We have the solution.

Kinéis' s IoT serving transport and logistics

Organizing and monitoring shipments, ensuring the integrity of perishable goods, maintaining cold chain integrity for drug transport, automating logistical processes... All these activities require constant monitoring, near real-time updates, and remote coordination without geographical limits.

This is where Kinéis' spatial IoT comes into play. Our unique technology ensures continuous connectivity, available anytime and in all geographic areas traversed by goods and people. With Kinéis, you can track and monitor transport vehicles and the goods they carry.



Simplification of logistics management.


Reduction in costs related to inventory errors, damages, or losses.


Improvement of the customer experience.

How does our IoT technology work?

A simple, effective system:

  • Your IoT device, equipped with Kinéis connectivity, installed on a tree, an animal, a container, a railcar, an electricity pylon or even on board a boat, transmits information to our nearest nanosatellites, every 15 minutes maximum.
  • The data received by the nanosatellites is immediately retrieved by one of our 20 ground stations, strategically located around the world, also capable of sending commands to the satellites.
  • The data is then processed by our service center, which operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Finally, the data is transmitted to you, often in just a few minutes, depending on your location..

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