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IoT for the management and security of maritime activities

Discover how Kinéis is revolutionizing maritime surveillance and enhancing sea safety with its advanced space technology!

With 360 million square kilometers of seas and oceans, a multitude of vessels are constantly navigating for commercial, scientific, military, sports, or recreational purposes. These offshore activities are highly diverse and crucially support many people's daily lives, far from the mainland and its infrastructure.

Importance of IoT at Sea
Issues can arise at sea, and maintaining contact with rescue services and authorities is essential. This is where IoT comes into play, addressing the fundamental needs of the maritime sector: ensuring safe navigation and facilitating communication of daily activities.

Maintaining connectivity at sea and ensuring the safety of maritime transport

Whether it's tracking cargo shipments, ensuring safe passage through difficult or dangerous areas, managing fleets of boats, or monitoring the proper functioning of ships, IoT is a powerful and indispensable ally for maritime safety.

In some cases, additional requirements are necessary, such as AIS (Automatic Identification System), originally designed to prevent ship collisions and enable port and maritime authorities to monitor sea traffic, especially in high-density navigation areas. Kinéis' AIS offers an even more precise and efficient solution thanks to its satellite connectivity.

Accessibility on the High Seas
Seas and oceans cover about 70% of the Earth's surface. With a smartphone, connectivity is limited to roughly 5 miles from the coast, depending on the navigation area. Spatial IoT is essential for ensuring regular and precise access to information, even on the high seas.

Endless Applications


Maritime shipping


Pleasure boating



Kinéis’ spatial IoT is revolutionizing maritime transport

  • Fleet tracking: Obtain near real-time location and battery level of a yacht.
  • Equipment localization: Enable fishermen to easily locate their fishing nets.
  • Navigation safety: Prevent navigation in unauthorized waters.

The applications of the Internet of Things in the maritime domain are numerous. Once you move away from the coast, terrestrial networks quickly become inaccessible, and our satellite connectivity takes over, ensuring 24/7 connectivity in all seas and oceans.



Simplified fleet management


Enhanced safety for passengers


Permanent traceability of goods and people.

Focus on Kinéis' AIS offering

Kinéis satellites fulfill two missions: IoT and AIS, offering a comprehensive maritime surveillance system. In addition to facilitating communication between each vessel and maritime authorities regarding its position, identity, speed, and trajectory, AIS can be used for:

  • Ensuring safety at sea and supporting rescue missions
  • Detecting suspicious activities (smuggling, illegal fishing, oil discharge...)
  • Efficiently monitoring logistical flows
  • Analyzing maritime data

This "sophisticated radar," combined with Kinéis technology, becomes even more effective. Our spatial AIS solution is ultra-precise, operates 24/7, and allows for the exchange of more data, even on the high seas and in the most densely navigated areas where signals can be disrupted.

How does our IoT technology work?

A simple, effective system:

  • Your IoT device, equipped with Kinéis connectivity, installed on a tree, an animal, a container, a railcar, an electricity pylon or even on board a boat, transmits information to our nearest nanosatellites, every 15 minutes maximum.
  • The data received by the nanosatellites is immediately retrieved by one of our 20 ground stations, strategically located around the world, also capable of sending commands to the satellites.
  • The data is then processed by our service center, which operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Finally, the data is transmitted to you, often in just a few minutes, depending on your location..

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