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Be alerted

Kinéis' satellite IoT enables near real-time alerts to anticipate and quickly respond to incidents, thereby limitating risks and damages.


Be alerted in near-real time

Floods, fires, loss of life and property... These events, if not anticipated and dealt with quickly, can have major consequences. All too often, alerts are not triggered in time, mainly due to a lack of resources. This can put on-site teams at risk, considerably reducing productivity, leading to additional expenditure or damaging fragile ecosystems.

So it's crucial to be alerted as soon as possible if there's a problem to enable rapid intervention and reduce adverse consequences such as financial and performance losses to your business, as well as environmental damage.

Possible applications

Our cutting-edge technology delivers real-time information on stock levels, sudden climate changes, or unexpected weight variations, empowering you to monitor what's crucial to your operations. Spatial IoT can even detect and deter suspicious activity, bolstering asset security by triggering an alarm in the face of theft, sabotage, or the breach of virtual boundaries.

Our Solution

Kinéis' spatial IoT responds to these challenges with permanent global connectivity. This enables you to stay informed and be alerted immediately if an anomaly is detected, such as a suddden rise in temperature or abnormally high humidity. These alerts, received within 15 minutes of the incident being detected, enable you to act quickly and effectively.

Kinéis' space-based connectivity takes over from terrestrial networks, even in remote areas, guaranteeing fast, accurate alerts anywhere in the world. This enables preventive measures to be implemented and appropriate interventions to be launched to limit damage.

It's up to you to imagine all the things you could protect everywhere, all the time!



Send alert messages only when you need them, thanks to 25 nanosatellites in low-earth orbit, for global coverage and a 15-minute response time.


Early detection
Thanks to the 80 daily passes of our satellites over every corner of the globe.


Network hybridization
You can rely on satellite connectivity when terrestrial networks are no longer available.

Use cases: endless possibilities

Locating freight wagons, monitoring herds, receiving rapid alerts in case of fire outbreaks...
Discover how Kinéis satellite IoT connectivity solves numerous challenges for your operations.

Our complementary solutions

Our global connectivity not only enables you to locate, but also to monitor and alert, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your operations. Whether at sea, in high mountains, or in the most remote regions of the world, explore new possibilities.




Cutting-edge technology

A technological achievement of the French space industry, the 25 Kinéis low-orbit nanosatellites have been specially designed for the IoT. Find out now how this constellation works.

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