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Kinéis is committed to leveraging cutting-edge space technology to address critical global challenges, particularly in the realm of aid development. Our mission is to take care of people and help to improve their living conditions, whatever they may be.

Humanitarian aid, by its very nature, is often deployed across different countries, in areas with few facilities, including terrestrial telecommunication networks, and sometimes in sensitive socio-political contexts. Our satellite-based solutions play a crucial role in monitoring and ensuring access to essential resources.

Having satellite connectivity that is continuously available from one country to another, and that does not require local infrastructure or expensive equipment, is a major asset for those who work daily on development for all.

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40,000 NGOs



19 million



230 criteria

for the 17 UN sustainable
development goals

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Delivery of medication

Medicines are very vulnerable consumables, which need to be stored under precise temperature conditions and protected from impacts, despite long transport distances in areas that sometimes have poor roads. Space technology makes it possible to track convoys wherever they go and to schedule alerts in the event of anomalies occurring, which the drivers themselves can also receive, to enable them to react as quickly as possible.

Drinking water

Kinéis aids development by utilizing space technology to address the critical issue of access to clean drinking water. By accurately measuring water levels and quality, our innovative solutions provide essential data not only to inform local populations, preventing unnecessary travel, but also to support NGOs and public organizations responsible for delivering vital water resources to remote areas.

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