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IoT for Defense & Security

Kinéis' spatial IoT revolutionizes defense and security by providing universal, secure, and near real-time connectivity, even in the most inaccessible areas.

Defense and security operations play an essential role in our societies

Exchanging confidential and critical information, monitoring sensitive areas, tracking critical activities, and geolocalisation data or presence detection, for example, must be able to be communicated quickly and securely.

Many of the activities closely linked to the defense and security of property and people are carried out in areas that are difficult to access, and/or not covered by terrestrial telecommunications networks, making information exchanges complex.

The success of military operations is closely linked to the ability to exchange vital information at the right time.
Defense and security forces, as well as logistics and maritime operators involved in sensitive missions, need secure, reliable data available in near-real time to make the best possible decisions.

During search and rescue missions, maintenance operations on sensitive locations, or the implementation of geofencing in protected areas, whether on the open sea, in the tropics or in the middle of a desert, it is crucial to be able to locate convoys and people quickly and securely, wherever they may be.

Our technology enables this universal connectivity.

Kinéis' spatial IoT serving defense and security

Wherever people or vehicles are located on the planet, Kinéis satellite connectivity enables precise, near-instantaneous geolocation and data exchange.

Kinéis' Space IoT enables various devices (such as sensors or beacons) to be connected securely and autonomously. Our constellation of 25 nanosatellites in low-Earth orbit ensures hybridization with existing terrestrial telecommunications networks. Space connectivity takes over in remote, hard-to-reach places where terrestrial connection is impossible.

In addition, our proprietary technology responds to a sovereignty issue. It's a 100% French project, from design to management.

With Kinéis connectivity, sensitive data and strategic communications remain under the control and protection of European authorities. This guarantees enhanced safety and autonomy, which are indispensable assets in security, protection, and defense applications.

Kinéis' technology is perfectly suited to government or military IoT applications requiring reliability and precision.


  • Agile response to emergency situations
  • Guaranteed reliable, continuous service anywhere on Earth
  • Minimized risks associated with defense and security operations

How does our IoT technology work?

A simple, effective system:

  • Your IoT device, equipped with Kinéis connectivity, installed on a tree, an animal, a container, a railcar, an electricity pylon or even on board a boat, transmits information to our nearest nanosatellites, every 15 minutes maximum.
  • The data received by the nanosatellites is immediately retrieved by one of our 20 ground stations, strategically located around the world, also capable of sending commands to the satellites.
  • The data is then processed by our service center, which operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Finally, the data is transmitted to you, often in just a few minutes, depending on your location..

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