Kinéis offers you the following services:

– Collecting messages and sending commands
– Location
– Sending of alerts




Low-data rate connectivity

  • Collecting messages of about 30 bytes
  • Transmitted with a power of approx. 100 mW
  • Transmission protocol when satellites pass overhead
  • Sending data from specific sensors
    Data reception in less than 15 minutes

The solution for

  • Track or collect data from connected devices outside of land cover areas


Devices can receive messages from users and satellites

  • Reception of specific commands sent to the device
  • Reception of satellite parameters for optimising message sending and power consumption
  • Acknowledgement of messages sent by the device to the user

The solution for

  • Sending commands to a device and optimising its power consumption


The devices are located directly from the satellites by exploiting the Doppler effect

  • The Doppler effect has been used by the ARGOS system for more than 40 years to locate objects, well before the emergence of GNSS (GPS, Galileo, etc.)
  • Native geolocation
  • Accuracy to within approx. 150 m
  • Tamper-proof
  • Can be fine-tuned using a GNSS sensor on board the device

The solution for

  • Track a device reliably, with minimal data and energy consumption


Devices send messages, only when you need them

  • Sending a message only under certain conditions
  • Very low power consumption, autonomy of several years
  • Very little data consumption
  • Very low connectivity price

The solution for

  • Be informed of a particular event


How does Kinéis IoT connectivity work?

Each Kinéis connected device transmits messages to instruments on-board the satellites that pass overhead, through a proprietary communication protocol. A network of ground stations is then used to retrieve the data from all satellites and forward it to the Kinéis Mission center, where it is processed, stored and automatically delivered to final users through a standard web interface.

How can an object be connected with Kinéis?

Any object can be connected with Kinéis using an adapted device, integrating a transceiver compatible with Kinéis modulations and the corresponding antenna. To connect your object with Kinéis, you may start the development of your custom connected device and become a device manufacturer, or buy off-the-shelf devices from one of your registered device manufacturer. In order to facilitate the development of connected devices, Kinéis provides ready-to-use components handling the Kinéis protocols and easy to integrate into industrial products. Our evaluation boards and development kits allow for fast prototyping and reduced lead times to market. Custom developments of connected devices are also possible and will need to be certified by Kinéis before connecting to its satellites. Please contact us for more information on our protocols specification and certification requirements.

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