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The 2024 french space event

Kinéis deploys its constellation for the Internet of Things
The first of 5 launches is scheduled between 10 June and 9 July 2024

Press release • Janvier 2024

An unprecedented event, founding the new French space sector

French satellite operator Kinéis, a global connectivity provider and pioneer of the new French space sector, raised a historic €100 million in 2020. Since then, its teams have been working on the design of the Kinéis system, a revolution in satellite-based Internet of Things (IoT). In 2024, Kinéis is preparing for a decisive stage in the roll-out of its system. Between 10 June and 9 July 2024, the Toulouse-based company will carry out the first of 5 launches to put into orbit its constellation of 25 nanosatellites, the first European constellation dedicated to the Internet of Things. This first launch will take place with Rocket Lab's Electron launcher, from the Pacific coast of New Zealand's North Island.

Commenting on the announcement of the first launch, Alexandre Tisserant, Kinéis CEO, said:

“I'm very pleased to announce the launch window for this launch, which initiates the placing in orbit of the Kinéis constellation, the first European constellation dedicated to the Internet of Things. With 5 launches planned in the coming months, Kinéis is in the final stage of bringing this unique project to fruition, four years after raising its historic funds. All our teams are mobilized to make this event a technical, operational and commercial success."


A crucial response to orphan connectivity needs

Almost 90% of the Earth's surface is not covered by terrestrial networks (black spots). Kinéis' spatial IoT provides a direct and unique response to complement these networks. Kinéis' mission is to connect and locate any object, anywhere on the Earth's surface (including black spots), and to guarantee the transmission of data from the connected object to users anywhere in the world in near-real time, at low bit rates (small messages), with very low energy consumption. To accomplish this mission, Kinéis has inherited over 40 years' expertise in data collection from space, thanks to CNES (French space agency) and CLS, the project's founders.


« Keep in touch with what matters »

Kinéis operates for a global market in areas that represent major challenges for human life and the environment: agriculture, early detection of forest fires, water resource management (flooding, drought, pollution, distribution), traceability of wild and farmed animals, monitoring of energy infrastructures and networks (leak detection and monitoring), transport and logistics monitoring, monitoring of commercial and scientific maritime activities, security (search and rescue) and defence.

The flagship of the French space industry around the Kinéis project

The space IoT revolution is underway. The Toulouse-based company is leading the way with its 25 nanosatellites, concentrating space innovation "made in France" for IoT connectivity.
A top-class cast from the Toulouse space ecosystem is supporting Kinéis in this satellite IoT revolution, including Hemeria (development of the platform and industrialisation of the satellites), Thales Alenia Space and Syrlinks from the Safran group (payload and mission centre) and Comat (antennas). The Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), a major player in technological innovation, has also provided its unfailing support and expertise to Kinéis from the very start of the project. The project is also financially backed by Bpifrance, CLS and other major players such as BNP Paribas Développement, CELAD, Maison Julien and Kelly Dassault, and Ethics Group.

Kinéis reveals its mission patch

Like all space missions, Kinéis has also created its patch, a woven patch that represents the most important aspects of its project: global connectivity, a network of ground stations, varied applications and the end user.


2024: the Kinéis Space Olympiad

First half-year:

  • January: announcement of the launch window for the 1st launch
  • February: nanosatellites industrialized
  • March: press visit to the manufacturer in Toulouse
  • April: announcement of the final launch date / departure of the 1st satellites for New Zealand
  • May: campaign to prepare the 5 satellites in New Zealand for the 1st launch The 5 launches needed to deploy the Kinéis constellation are then scheduled over several months, starting in late spring 2024.

Next Kinéis event: press visit to the manufacturer in Toulouse in March

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