Continuing the aim of forging closer ties between New Space players, Indian firm Dhruva Space and French firm Kineis have confirmed their intention to pursue technological and commercial cooperation in space, in line with the MoU signed in March earlier this year, with the launch of a satellite that they will operate jointly. French-Indian space cooperation in the satellite IoT domain between CNES and ISRO first got underway in 2007, with the construction of the French-Indian SARAL-AltiKa oceanography satellite carrying CNES’s Argos instrument, launched in 2013. Kineis is also the operator of the Argos instrument on the joint Oceansat-3/Argos mission orbited in 2022. Today, Kineis and Dhruva Space—two new growing space companies—are teaming up on a joint technological and commercial space project to enhance Kineis’ global IoT connectivity. This partnership with extend deployment of solutions worldwide, and notably in India, for such crucial applications as smart agriculture and fishing, wildfire prevention, humanitarian convoy and wildlife tracking, monitoring of energy networks and infrastructures, transport tracking and logistics.

Alexandre Tisserant, Kinéis CEO, and Sanjay Nekkanti, Dhruva Space Founder & CEO.
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