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Forest fires & IoT

Kinéis's spatial connectivity revolutionizes forest fire prevention thanks to early detection

Press release • October 2023

New space technologies and the Internet of Things by satellite are contributing to better prevention in detecting forest fires and reducing their impact on the environment. French operator Kinéis illustrates this application that could significantly reduce the ravages of fires worldwide.

Kinéis connectivity for the IoT: global coverage

Kinéis global connectivity enables to track and monitor objects in remote areas without coverage by terrestrial networks. In addition, our frequencies used in the 400 MHz bandwidth have excellent signal penetration in the canopy-covered environment.

How does Kinéis connectivity work?

Thanks to its constellation of 25 nanosatellites and 19 ground remote stations, Kinéis locates and connects objects through terminals, wherever they may be on the planet. Combining NewSpace's technological innovation with the IoT ensures narrowband, low-consumption, simple and reliable global connectivity.

With their very low power consumption, the terminals have an autonomy of several years, sending messages only when necessary.

Kinéis satellite connectivity operating diagram:


Benefits of Kinéis connectivity:

  • Early fire detection
  • Reliable and low-consumption large-scale protection
  • Frequencies (400 Mhz) enabling penetration through canopies
  • Better risk prevention for Emergency Management in the event of natural disasters
  • Better assessment of the situation
  • In 2023, Kinéis' satellite solutions for the IoT were officially selected by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion in future forest fire detection systems.

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