2024: Kinéis’ space olympiad


With the first of five launches approaching between June 10 and July 9, 2024, Kinéis is preparing itself for its most crucial and memorable year yet. 2024, the year when the project finally comes to fruition, just four years (an Olympiad) after the historic fund-raising of 100 million euros in 2020, followed by decisive periods of studying and testing. For Kinéis, 2024 remains the year of "its" Olympic Games.

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Electron take-off ©Rocket Lab

An intense 8-month period during which the trained Kinéis technical teams will demonstrate unprecedented stamina to bring the 25 satellites of the constellation into position. Five launches, like the five rings of the Olympic flag, symbolizing the five continents covered by Kinéis's connectivity for the Internet of Things.

The sacred fire of the flame, ignited by the engines of Rocket Lab's Electron launcher, will illuminate the skies over New Zealand, filling the eyes of our athlete engineers with stars and perhaps a few tears of joy. For many, the conceptualization and deployment of the Kinéis system is not just a project, but the highlight of their professional careers. It is the first European constellation dedicated to the Internet of Things, a milestone in the history of the French space industry, and a testament to Kinéis's pioneering spirit in this new sector that is starting to take shape.


Eletron reactor ©Rocket Lab

Like in sports, space is a team game, and Toulouse, like rugby, deserves its status as Europe's aerospace capital. Thanks to the sector's flagship companies, Kinéis has risen to the dual technical and commercial challenge of connecting any object on the planet and distributing its data in near real-time to end-users in the four corners of the globe. Accessing information in near real-time to make decisions, manage, and optimize activities is truly revolutionary! Preventing fires and floods, monitoring infrastructure (electrics, pipelines, etc.), tracking goods, anticipating breakdowns... the possibilities are endless.

Following the example of top-level competition teams, Kinéis has created its patch: a patch in its colours (pink, also the colour of Toulouse, orange and yellow) representing the foundations of Kinéis's system: global connectivity, a network of ground stations, varied applications and the end user.

Patch Kinéis

Today, the Kinéis teams are in the starting blocks, more determined than ever to transform their trials and tribulations into accomplishments and provide solutions to the significant challenges facing mankind, its activities, and its environment.

A new constellation will be launched in the skies over New Zealand. Its deployment remains an actual collective space exploit, deserving of all the gold medals!

Redactor : Sébastien Martignac

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Kinéis team ©Kinéis2023