Kinéis, one of “The 100 inventions that will change our lives” !

At the end of June, the weekly french magazine Le Point published its 2023 list of the “100 inventions that will change our lives”. In its article entitled “The next generation of French genius”, an exceptional panel of judges (Nobel Prize winners, Fields medallists, Turing Award winners, captains of industry and entrepreneurs) highlights the 100 innovations by French inventors that are revolutionising today’s cutting-edge sectors: aeronautics and space, biotech, cybersecurity, greentech, AI and neuroscience, quantum, foodtech, agritech, industry and energy.

The list includes Alexandre Tisserant, CEO of Kinéis, which is behind the constellation of 25 nanosatellites that will be deployed in spring 2024. Since 2018, Alexandre Tisserant has been spearheading the Kinéis project, the first French and European constellation dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), which will provide global, low-speed, low-power coverage at attractive prices, in areas that today represent major challenges for mankind, its activities and its environment.