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Yesterday, on June 20th at exactly 8:13 PM, Kinéis achieved a major milestone by successfully launching five nanosatellites, marking the beginning of the deployment of our 25-nanosatellite IoT constellation.

This success represents a significant step forward for global connectivity, with the ambitious goal of connecting any object, anywhere on the planet, including in the most remote areas, to transmit essential data in near real-time to enable informed decisions.

On this occasion, Alexandre Tisserant, CEO of Kinéis, stated:

"Kinéis is proud of the success of Electron’s 50th flight. The delicate phase of separating our 5 nanosatellites from the launcher went very smoothly. Our teams are now working to place them in their respective orbits. These first 5 satellites of the constellation mark the beginning of the IoT revolution driven by Kinéis connectivity and pave the way for the launch of full commercial services. Stay tuned for the second launch later this year, and congratulations to the teams!"

A Goal of Global Connectivity

Kinéis' mission is to connect all objects, wherever they are on the planet, to provide crucial information to users in various sectors. This initiative opens up new opportunities to address critical challenges for humanity, its activities, and its environment.

Diverse Applications

The applications of the Kinéis constellation are vast: natural risk prevention, sustainable agriculture, animal tracking, energy infrastructure monitoring, real-time logistics, and maritime management. These uses will help reduce risks, ensure preventive maintenance, and optimize operations through continuous monitoring and better resource utilization.

The Connectivity of Tomorrow

Four more launches, each carrying five satellites, are scheduled until early 2025 to deploy the full constellation of 25 nanosatellites. This will enable Kinéis to achieve optimal performance and offer fully operational services, providing information to users in less than 15 minutes.

This launch marks the beginning of an exciting adventure for Kinéis, committed to transforming the way we interact with the world by making information accessible everywhere and at any time. The IoT connectivity of tomorrow is underway, and it promises to be more integrated and responsive than ever!

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