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SmartSat: Kinéis stack for a quick integration

  SmartSat, satellite IoT connectivity within reach Kinéis has introduced a new offer to its catalog called SmartSat. This offer provides access to a library of documentation for quick and easy communication with satellites using commercially available components. In September 2022, Kinéis and ST Microelectronics signed a partnership to make the STM32WL compatible with global…

Hello satellite, Kinéis’ device here!

Although in theory similar, the way the connected devices communicate with the Kinéis satellites is a bit more complicated than having a chat with your coworkers at the morning coffee break, and probably not the same content… Transmission strategy Each use case comes with its own features: physical environment of the device, specific amount of…

What is the Kinéis connectivity?

From your connected devices all around the globe to the statistics computed on your computer, you won’t believe that your data have traveled so far! 1/5 – WHAT IS THE KINÉIS CONNECTIVITY? Kinéis finds its origins in the Argos system, a data collection and localization system created in 1978 from a French-American cooperation involving CNES (French Space…

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