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As announced by Alexandre Tisserant, CEO of Kinéis, to the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne during the Viva Technology 2023 trade show last June, Kinéis has decided to introduce a Unilateral Employer Decision (UED) concerning "second parent leave". As of September 1, 2023, it establishes an unlimited social benefit aligning the duration of second-parent leave with that of maternity leave, with salary continuation. The aim of this measure is to advance gender equality and improve Kinéis' social policy.

The main elements of the Unilateral Employer Decision:

- Beneficiary employees are all Kinéis employees, regardless of seniority or type of contract, who comply with legal provisions.

- The duration of second-parent leave is determined by law, but the company decides to align it with the legal duration of maternity leave.

- Employees benefit from 100% salary continuation during second-parent leave, with a process of subrogation (when the employer is substituted in the employee's rights to social security benefits).

- The leave can be taken in one go or in several periods, with compulsory and optional periods.

- In order to take advantage of the leave, employees must comply with a 1-month notice period.

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