Advanced Tracking is the leading provider of geolocation and satellite communication systems for the pleasure boat sector.

Our partnership

The company has joined forces with Kinéis to develop a particularly innovative new device: a hybrid GSM/satellite multiservice tracker known as SmartConnect.

The key advantage of Kinéis’ satellite service being its “truly global coverage, even at the Earth’s poles”.

SmartConnect features a Kinéis chipset paired with a GSM chipset. As soon as there’s a break in the terrestrial network, Kinéis satellites take over, regardless of the boat’s location. “This enables us to provide more frequent and reliable geolocation data with, in particular, enhanced precision around coastal areas, even before a GSM network becomes accessible”, explains Christophe.

What’s more, Kinéis’ device uses so little energy that it remains operational even when the power supply fails, which is vital at sea.

Up to a hundred wireless sensors can be connected to the tracking device, from intruder, load and waterway sensors to temperature and smoke sensors, to panic buttons. It is even possible to adapt an NMEA modem to receive engine temperature, engine speed, wind force, depth below keel and fuel level alerts or, as an option, to activate the wi-fi modem for onboard internet access.

Christophe explains: “Integrating so many systems was a major challenge. The support we received from Kinéis was excellent and we really worked together as partners, in association with BTESA which handled the development and production of our device.

Advanced Tracking thus provides its clients with a more operational and efficient offering, providing a full package of security and geolocation services at a very competitive price.

Hundreds of balise are currently deployed and operational.

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