Hortus Technologies is a design house company specialized in the development, validation, and industrialization of connected devices (IoT) organized around 3 axes: a design office, a measurement laboratory, and consulting services.


Leveraging extensive experience in smart metering and smart city markets, they provide a comprehensive and cross-functional perspective on projects from concept to industrialization, anticipating the design and manufacturing challenges of electronic and radiofrequency products.

Our partnership

First and foremost, the partnership between Kinéis and Hortus Technologies is key to meet our customer's need for autonomous and reliable connectivity in areas where LPWAN connections are limited or nonexistent.

Kinéis and Hortus Technologies present the capability to address more complex use cases that require addressing terrestrial, maritime, indoor, and outdoor scenarios with an available technical solution that combines the necessary quality of service and the right energy aspect of the solution, enabling the development of autonomous products.

Kinéis and Hortus Technologies started successful collaboration on several axes.

Starting from the early development phase, Hortus Technologies has been actively engaged in integrating the Kinéis stack, conducting communication and temperature tests for the STM32WL55 solution, and design reviews.

Additionally, we developed the manufacturing test bench for the new KIM2 module.

In terms of development, Hortus Technologies designed an RF module for a customer embedding the STM32WL55 Kinéis / ST Microelectronics solution. We also provide technical support, working closely with Kinéis, to assist customers in making solution choices, including considerations like antenna design and RF performance testing.


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Development, validation, industrialization for connected devices

Kinéis IOT Satellite

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Créé en 2018, Kinéis est un opérateur IoT satellitaire.

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