Vertical M2M

VERTICAL M2M has been active in the IoT space as an IoT solution & technology provider since 15 years.

It aims at bringing positive impact with IoT in 2 complementary ways :

  • As a technology provider, he delivers a comprehensive IoT Platform and infrastructure. CommonSense IoT Platform® helps massive adoption of IoT by solving key painpoints every industrial & B2B customer is facing when deploying large-scale IoT projects :
  • Deal with heterogeneity from IoT devices and networks
  • Provide advanced fleet and device management to lower provisioning, deployment and operation costs.
  • Ease access to business applications
  • As a solution provider, it provides end-to-end business solutions improving performance, reducing operation costs and delivering new services for the following markets :
    • Energy and Buildings
    • Environment & water
    • Territories & Cities
    • Industry

Our Partnership

Integrating IoT LPWAN satellite capabilities within CommonSense IoT Platform® is key for us to keep on proposing to our customers and partners the best and most adapted technologies for their use cases.

“Thanks to our partnership, we can deliver new use cases for projects uncovered with traditional terrestrial technologies. “ Maurice Zembra

Customers willing to deploy satellite IoT communications can now easily run PoCs or industrial projects relying on our ready-to-use IoT Platform with any Kineis-compliant IoT device.

Kinéis IOT Satellite

À propos

Créé en 2018, Kinéis est un opérateur IoT satellitaire.

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